Pure sine wave inverter STC-GI1000W

Pure sine  wave inverter  STC-GI1000W


HSI 350W Pure sine wave low frequency solar inverter bulit-in PWM solar charge controller – Foshan Top One Power Technology Co.,Ltd.|solar power inverter|solar inverter

350W 12V Wall mounting Low Frequency Pure Sine Wave Inverter With  PWM solar controller



Rated Power: 350W

Peak Power:1050W

Nominal battery voltage:DC12V


DC input voltage range: 10.5-15VDC (single battery voltage。)

Mains input voltage range:140-275VAC

Mains input frequency range: 45-65HZ


Battery low voltage alarm:10.5VDC  (single battery voltage。)

Battery low voltage protection:10VDC  (single battery voltage。)

Battery over voltage protection:17V±0.5V (single battery votlage。)

Battery over voltage alarm:15-16VDC  (single battery voltage。)

Over power protection: 110% more than rated capacity。

Temperature protection: ≥85℃ alarm ≥90℃ machine shut off。



Output voltage (battery mode):220VAC±2%

Output frequency (battery mode):50/60HZ±1%

Output wave form。:pure sine wave。

Output voltage range (mains mode): 220VAC±10%    Stabilization output

Output frequency range (mains mode):Tracking automatically。


Transfer time:≤5ms


Thermal method:Cooling fan in intelligent control。

≤42℃ fan rotates slowly to ≥45℃ fan rotates fast

Charging: charging Voltage:13.6-14.2V(Singel)

charging current:≤10A

Working mode: Optional。

01:Normal mode。

Mains first with AC charging。

02: Energy saving mode。

Load power≤10% machine turns off, ≥11%-100% machine turns on

03:PV first。

PV first without AC charging。

When charging: Battery voltage≥13V, turn converting mode;when converting: Battery

voltage≤10.5V, turn mains mode.

Comnunication: RS232( optional。)

Environment : Temperature:-20– +75℃


Overload and short circuit protection: Overload protection: when current of controller is 1.25 times of rated current, controller works for 30 secs; 1.5 times of rated current, works for 5 seconds. Short circuit protection: when current of controller is more than or equal to 3 times of rated current, protection starts.

Circuit protection: Over charging, over discharging, overload and short circuit protection

Anti connection-reverse protection for solar panel and battery:All protections are harmless to any parts and fuse of controller; fuse is only for ultimate protection.



Packing Size


G.W: 6.58KG


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